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              X5 Baby stroller

              X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              • X5 Baby stroller
              Product name : X5 Baby stroller
              Front wheel:EVA Foaming wheel 2*’
              Rear wheel:Aeration wheel / EVA Foaming wheel2*12’
              Color:Wine red,Rose pink,Blue, Green, Purple, Orange
                    Maple leaf series,Linen khaki
              Package size:51*31*78cm
              1. Iron frame with the surface baked and painted..
              2. High density 600D Oxford fabric.
              3. The seat can be adjusted in 3 positions : sitting, reclining, and sleeping.
              4. Sun-proofing fabric and side mesh cloth are   removable, and preferred in spring and summer.
              5. Removable and foldable armrest.
              6. With the top grade single foot brake system, it’s easy and convenient to stop the stroller
              7. The stroller is equipped with a hood, a seat, a backrest, a front armrest, and a safety belt.
              8. Oversized shopping basket with professional mommy bag and milk bottle bag
              9. Easy and quick to assemble or fold the stroller.
              10. Newly equipped with the unique color wheel.
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